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I have loved English literature from a very young age and, with a passion to share it, I came to Switzerland in the spring of 1997 to teach English. It was then that I fully realised the importance of the student-teacher connection when I started to learn a language myself. It was on this journey, I believe, that I became a much better teacher than just the title. I also believe that anyone can learn a language if it is in the right environment, supported by patient, encouraging teachers who have the teaching skills to instigate schemata.

Originally from the North of England, and very proudly so, I started my career in sales and marketing. This, although quite interesting, didn’t inspire in me what I had always felt: that I should be a teacher. My first career, in conjunction with my professional teaching qualifications, has allowed me to combine the two and help students benefit from this unique combination. I have had the privilege of teaching not only in international schools, but language schools across Switzerland, Germany and France. My teaching experience underpinned by my business background has taken me to many companies across diverse industries teaching business English for the last twenty years. I am a seasoned workshop trainer, writing relevant material covering many business topics, such as CV writing, interview preparation, e-mail writing, SOP preparation and presentation techniques, always with one goal in mind – the student's success. As an English examiner for different boards including state schools, I have the knowledge to fully prepare students of all ages allowing them to achieve their best possible result, whatever the exam focus. In 2009, I started my own Swiss company and have never looked back. My passion and compassion is your success.

Photography by Loris Costacurta

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