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Email Writing
Business English
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Are you a non-native English speaker who needs to improve e-mail writing for business?


With many years' experience teaching e-mail writing to numerous business students, I understand the tone and register needed to be polite and courteous in international correspondence. Let me help you with tentative language for professional e-mail writing, enabling you to get the correct message across. 

Exam Preparation
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Would you like to improve your general business English for work?

Communicating clearly, effectively and with confidence in English will help you get that new job or secure a promotion you deserve.


Business English can open doors to careers around the world and allow you to develop strong business relationships. Building confidence in tailor-made lessons can elevate your future success and transform your career with real recognition. Unlock your potential and enhance your English language skills with a native speaker. Learn how to communicate effectively and achieve your learning goal. Embrace cultural sensitivity in the workplace by learning tentative language to communicate across all cultures, particularly when managing international teams.

CV Writing
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Do you want to prepare for an exam or university interview?


Having supported many students on an exam journey, I have the knowledge and experience to support whatever the exam focus, ranging from Telc to various Cambridge exams. As an examiner I have experience of what's needed to fully prepare students, increase confidence and obtain the best possible result.

Presentation Techniques
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Do you need help with writing your CV in English?


A well-written CV and cover letter can improve your chances of getting a better job or securing a promotion. As a non-native English speaker, it can be difficult to highlight abilities and optimise potential, therefore, I can support you on your journey in creating the best possible CV and cover letter, helping  you stand out and secure that job interview. 

Interview Preparation
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Are you a little nervous about presenting in English?

Would you like to learn how to prepare compelling mini presentations?


A well-prepared and -rehearsed script is vital for a successful presentation. Let me help you with the simple structure of a presentation. Preparation and practice using useful presentation phrases can dramatically decrease the stress when presenting in front of colleagues or business partners. Be ready for everything in your presentation, covering every phase from introducing yourself in the correct tense for business, welcoming your specific audience, delivering content with confidence, rhetorical questions and a confident wrap up.

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Are you a little nervous about an interview in English?


With many years' experience teaching HR personnel, I have invaluable knowledge of the best practise questions and answers for an interview held in English. I can help you build confidence, self-esteem and help prepare great answers for common questions in interviews and maximise your performance and chances of success.

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